Warmer Weather 

Dear Parents

Can your child bring a hat with them to nursery please. Also can your child have sun screen applied on days when we have warmer weather as they will be playing in the outside area.

Many Thanks

Nursery Team 

For Two Days Only!

On Monday and Tuesday your child is allowed to bring in their favourite toy from home, to do a show and tell to their key worker group. Your child will be encouraged to talk about their favourite toy, why it’s their favourite toy , where they got it from and who got it for them. This is a great way to teach the children how to ask questions and respond to questions.

I will advise that the toy your child brings in isn’t too big and that when the toy is brought into nursery a member of staff will put all toys in a safe place until it is your child’s show and tell session to ensure they don’t get damaged.

Many Thanks 

Miss Richards

Sneak peak of this week!

I won’t be in nursery tomorrow so I’m going to give you a sneak peak of some of the activities you’ll be doing.

Milk Carton robots – This activity is about allowing your child to explore the materials and tap into their imaginations to create a fabulous robot.

Maths Table – This week SOME of the children will be exploring the concept of sharing. While others will be mastering counting accurately and recognising their numbers. How the game works; your child selects 2 friends pictures to share with, they then roll the evens dice and they share that amount out equally between their friends. For those that are very effient in sharing between 2 can be moved on to share between 3 using the 3’s dice.

We would love to see what you child’s favourite toy is? On the lining paper your child is invited to draw their favourite toy.

We’re going on a word hunt… Scattered around the room are lots of hidden words. A lot of the children won’t be able to read the words. However, this activity allows the children to recognise print in the environment and as the week goes on you will find your child will be able to read some of the words. This activity lends itself to maths as the children will be encouraged to tally the amount of the same words they find. This will encourage your child to record marks and tally in groups of five.

These are just a few of the activities in nursery this week, I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Many Thanks

Miss Richards 🙂

Book of the week

The week all of the children have been waiting for… It’s TOY week. We will be celebrating old and new toys, I will even be dusting off the cobwebs of some of my most cherished toys when I was a child, all those many years ago! The book that will compliment this week will be; Clown, Bear and Rabbit by Tony Maddox. Please enjoy this YouTube clip I have attached below.